Friday, 8 April 2016

Lancer Queen - a "sweaty strafer"

Haha, found a video from the Youtuber TheRazoredEdge where he witnesses the player Cell FxM (who is now my friend on xbox ^^) doing a crazy clutch on an entire team (my team as it happens). I laughed my ass of watching it, because he was talking about me in words like "the guy who is pretending to be bad and then whips out the God strafe" and says that I am a "sweaty strafer". All of this is hilarious of course since my strafe is neither Godlike, nor sweaty, only terrible.

1:27-1:48 plus 2:18-2:39 are the parts with me XD

Did awful in K/D that first round and then lagged out of Xbox Live (stupid connection here in UK). But still, it was fun to hear him talk about me as a sweaty guy (don't really see the confusion with "QUEEN" in the gamertag, but whatevs) xD

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