Monday, 7 May 2018

EGL Sheffield Open

Had been looking forward to the Sheffield LAN event since it was announced, and even more so since I got a team to play with just one week before! Hound esports found themselves in need of two players with short notice, and since I had already booked flight and hotel, it seemed fitting.
Traveled from Leeds with bestie sG Agonize on the Saturday. Adventures happened immediately (I will do the story justice in a very long comic later), but we managed to get to the venue in time, that's what matters ^^ I studied in Sheffield for a semester in 2016, have missed it so much <3
Surprise surprise, you guys play 4th seeded team Odin esports (former LCQ Champs), ok, thanks!
And I didn't have time warm up, and for reasons I had to play with a normal controller even though I usually play with paddles. Let's just say it was a (very public) slaughter xD Had loads of fun though, we had nothing to lose coming in with a newly formed team. 
Evo esports was also defeated 7-0, 7-0 against 2nd best EU team Supremacy.
Otherwise we had Team Lucent beating Aerox esports 2-1, dZ Gaming defeating Under Dogs 2-0, The Fast Five taking out Lyzo 2-0, The Regal Reserve winning against HoriZon 2-0 and Devious Gaming beating BeWare 2-0 in the first round.
The venue was so amazing! (and I have seen a few venues by now, 4th LAN attending (first LAN playing though) ^^). So nicely hosted by the EGL, great main stage, side stations, sound, light, commentators, big screen for the spectators (even though the camera men liked to stand smack down in the middle of it), providing headsets and had skilled personnel at the scene.
The casters were, as always, great and very professional (poor them for having to keep a straight face while commenting on our Main stage game xD). This event we had Toby Campbell, Frew and Elliott "Darko" Burgess.
It was a bit strange hearing the commentators as you were playing ^^
(and yeah, that was a thing)
In the loser's bracket, the teams making it to second round were Under Dogs (beating Lyzo 2-1), HoriZon (defeating Evo esports 2-0) and BeWare, who beat us 7-1, 7-0. It felt closer than the numbers, and my team were quite happy with our performance, being first LAN and had only played together for 3 days before.
Odin barely managed to beat Devious Gaming 2-1, second round winner's bracket. Fable, not surprisingly beast Team Lucent 2-0 on Main stage, The Fast Five defeated dZ 2-0, Supremacy had a close game with The Regal Reserve and won 2-1.
Was so happy to have a team to hang out with: Dobby, Savage, Melvanized and sG Agonize.
In loser's bracket round 2, Aerox took out Devious on main stage 2-0 (what a game!), Under Dogs got defeated by The Regal reserve 2-0, dZ gaming beat HoriZon 2-0 and BeWare (who took us out) lost to Team Lucent 2-0. 
The Regal Reserve beat Aerox 2-0 and team Lucent beat dZ Gaming 2-1. Odin got beaten by Supremacy 2-0 and The Fast Five by Fable (also 2-0). They both lost their loser's bracket fights (Odin-Lucent 0-2 & Fast Five-Regal Reserve 0-2) and placed 5th in the event. Strong!
Took a walk on the town (love Sheffield!!) with two teammates, found a good food place.
Then we went to Evo's huge flat where they were all staying, had some drinks, watched our streams back and laughed at the destruction, then played 1vs and 2vs, winner stays on ^^ Gooood party!
Hungover on the Saturday, but managed to get to the venue in one piece and saw some amazing matches! First the Regal Reserve-Team Lucent one. Two Spanish teams, both sooo hungry for the place in the loser's finals. Team Lucent, with the amazing line-up Kugars, Legend, Fortenz, Fracturez and Exothz got the best of Regal Rerserve and beat them 2-0. 
Fable beat Supremacy 2-0 in the winner's semi-finals. If Supremacy wants to versus them again, they have to beat Team Lucent in the loser's finals! And what a game that turned out to be! Best French team versus the best Spanish team. Supremacy playing without Bagdad this tournament, but with Dynam. Easily the best game of the tournament, with Supremacy as victors, 2-1 (5-7, 7-3, 7-5)!
Perhaps not very surprising, we see FableGG, who placed 2nd (!!!!) in Las Vegas versus Supremacy, who placed 7th in Vegas, in the grand finals.
I'm afraid to say that it was quite obvious early on who were going to come out on top. The best Gears EU team we've ever had beat Supremacy 7-3 on Foundation and 7-0 on Dam.
Loved the end celebration, we haven't really had that on the EU LAN's before, it's usually just like, "yay" * someone is applauding in the distance *, then Fable walks away from their screens and nothing more. Now there was a proper interview, handing them a check, people cheering and pictures being taken, I liked it. Hope the next EU LAN will be at the same place! :P
Had an amazing time at the event, thanks to everyone who made it great! Made a lot of friends and talked to a few old ones <3
And here are the final placements:
And a vlog from my trip:
Aaaand another blog post about my trip (more focused on the actual traveling than the event though).

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