Sunday, 19 November 2017

The EGL Fall Regionals London 11-12th November

I flew from Västerås airport, Sweden, to attend the London LAN event 11-12th of November. It was held in a venue called EXP Leisure, at 60 Dace Road.
I managed to find my way there at noon on tournament Saturday. It was a good location except for some minor details, such as the temperature and that the power cut out on the Saturday. Other than that is was great xD
And I'm not lying about the temperature, it was absolute freezing in there. I honestly don't know how the players could move their fingers at all, I was so cold, and I could sit with my hands in my pockets the entire time. You could see the players blow their hands and shiver throughout the weekend though..
On the first day of the tournament, GA Esports beat Evo eSports, but lost the next match to the reigning champions from Nottingham: Fable (former Excel).
 dZ played very convincingly and won against orKs eSports 2-0. eRa Eternity had no problem beating VoiD Gaming 2-0.
Stimulate won against Prismatic 2-0 and Team Reckless was defeated by the French team Supremacy, 2-0.
 Radiant Esports shined in the match versus OBN and beat them 2-0. Team Cryptic toyed with Warm Toast, and got a 2-0 victory. Lastly, Most Wanted beat ODA 2-0.
Next round Fable took out dZ (2-0), eRa beat Stimulate 2-1, Supremacy got the win over Radiant (2-0) and Team Cryptik won against MW 2-0.
 In the loser's bracket, the teams progressing were Stimulate (2-0 vs. ODA), dZ (2-1 vs. OBN), MW (2-0 vs. Prismatic) and GA (2-0 vs. Radiant)
 The event had three great commentators: Frew, Callum Wardle and Toby Campbell. So great and professional, and I loved the rotation system. Made the whole event!

It was a great first day at the event, and a lot of good games to watch!
On the Sunday, Supremacy took out CryptiK 2-0. They moved on to beat Stimulate in the loser's bracket 2-0.
The most exciting match of the weekend (to me), eRa versus Fable, resulted in a 2-0 victory to Fable.
Had a few words with the Director of Communications at Microsoft, Dana Simmons. Very nice guy, he seemed to enjoy himself (even though he, too, was very cold). 
eRa didn't play as a team and lost to GA in the loser's bracket 0-2. The latter was defeated by Team CryptiK though, who battled Supremacy (after losing to Fable 0-2) for the spot in the London LAN finals.
Fable, not having lost a single map during the entire tournament, came to the finals with all the confidence they needed, and beat Supremacy 7-1 on Reclaimed and 7-5 on Dam! 
No contest, Fable went literally undefeated throughout the tournament and they were the winners of the event and $10 000. Super good luck in Dallas (to all the teams going)! Had a great LAN, and a great time. Talked to some people and made some friends this time, unlike Nottingham, haha xD

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