Friday, 25 August 2017

"Know your roots" Gears of War 4 LAN Event in Nottingham!

I was in the UK anyway this weekend so of course I went to Nottingham to attend the "Know your roots" EU Gears of War LAN event August 19-20th!
It was held in a great venue in central Nottingham, the [ALT] Gaming Lounge.
I was there most of the weekend. When not watching a match, one could play Gears 2 and 3 on one of the many tv's around the place. Or practice Gears 4.
It was a really cozy, nice place. And the people working there were really friendly and gave great service!
I wish I'd been less shy, I would've played some Gears 2 or 3, now I was only spectating. Will bring a friend next time!
It was soo much fun to see the pros playing! They were reeally good! It could have been more matches streamed for the spectators, but I kept myself busy anyway.
The teams making it to Sunday were ExceL, Naked Gaming, Opulent, Radix,  Aria, HLH, Barrage and eRa.
Naked Gaming was defeated by exceL, Radix managed to beat Opulent. HLH won against Aria and eRa took out Barrage.
It was really good, close games. exceL beat Radix in the semi-finals and era lost to HLH.
Alongside the big tournament was a 1v1 tourny. So glad I didn't enter, I would've gotten smacked xD They were soo good. Sugar beat Precision in the semi-final, and Phelps beat Godfex. I missed the final, but I heard that it was super exciting, with Phelps doing a comeback on Sugar when he was down 3-4 and won 5-4. 
They had great food, I ate all my Nottingham meals there xD
It was really good, close games. ExceL beat Radix in the semi-finals and era lost to HLH.
I held out until midnigt, then it was still two matches to go. I watched as long as I could on the stream in my hotel room, but fell asleep before hearing the winners ^^ 
Not surprisingly exceL came first, beating eRa in the final! Third came HLH and 4th was Radix! Barrage and NakedGaming came 5/6th. Can't wait to see them all in season 2! 
Had a great time in Nottingham, managed to get some sightseeing done alongside the tournament ^^ To see more about my UK trip (also went to Birmingham, Liverpool & Sheffield), including comics and pictures, click here!

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