Thursday, 10 March 2016

Gears of War 4 hype!

Okay, I am officially started to get excited about Gears of War 4 after reading about the characters and gameplay.
I watched a hysterically funny interview with The Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson where he answers 105 questions in a fast pace, and you should watch it too!

My favourite parts:
- Why do they run like that?
- Because they're being shot at
- So they don't have to go the bathroom?
- I didn't say that. They are also being shot at.

- Is JD short for Juan Dom?

- How do those guns stick to their back?
- The same way you carry all your inventory in your ass in RPG's
- Magnets?

- In the dark labyrinth level in the Gears of War remastered, why was there Fenix brand peanut butter in the kitchen?
- Nutty artists

- Is one of the new features in Gears of War 4 necks?
- Yes, and full sized testicles

- Why don't they just build a wall?
- What, are you Trump now?
- We'll make em pay for it!
- With what, swarm money?

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