Thursday, 5 November 2015

Comic Con / Gamex Stockholm!

Had such an awesome time last weekend at the Comic Con / Gamex exhibition!
You could try lots of games (but the queues were really long, so I didn't play anything).  They had Halo 5, Star Wars: Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Mirror's Edge 2 etc. 
I found Gears of War: Ultimate and stood there watching people play and talked to a friend who works at Microsoft, that was nice.
I am so important I got to use the VIP Press entrance and didn't have to stand in line ^^
Besides being able to try new games, the fair also had lots of nerdy things to buy, illustrators who were there, Ian McEhlhinney and Ian Beattie (actors from Game of Thrones) were there giving autographs, there was a panel discussing games and comics, the Heavy Metal band Sabaton was there, lots of cosplayers etc.
It was just great fun!

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